5 Haunted Properties in the UAE You Should Visit This Halloween

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5 Haunted Properties in the UAE You Should Visit This Halloween

Each year Halloween revives stories of paranormal activities worldwide. However, did you know that even properties in Dubai and its neighbouring areas hide some spooky stories. If you feel adventurous this Halloween and you are looking for a good haunted route, let us suggest one.

This is the list of the most infamous scary places in the UAE.

1. Al Jazirat Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah

Known as the ghost town, this district full of abandoned houses is surely the most popular haunted place in the country. It was once a home of three indigenous tribes set on red sand; therefore, gained the name the Red Island. It features abandoned old homes and eerie silence, sometimes accompanied by weird noises. If you ask locals, they could tell you many scary stories about this place and they would not advise you to go there after sunset.

2. Al Qasimi Palace, Al Dhaith

Al Qasimi Palace was once the home of Dubai’s royalty, today a place of many scary tales. This spacious and luxurious home features gardens, swimming pools, and plenty of beautiful living space. However, their original owners managed to live there for one night only. According to urban legend, you can hear weird sounds or even see children peeping out of the windows.

3. Number 33 Building, Al Khail Gate

Three suicides and several inexplicable happenings made this building notorious. Previous residents reported some unusual activities, such as things disappearing and reappearing in weird places within the apartment, or even in neighbouring apartments. Moreover, some reportedly heard mysterious cries and moans at night. The last known resident lived there for 6 days before moving out. The building is closed for maintenance.

4. Haunted Villa, Jumeirah

Sounds of crying, moaning, doors slamming or getting locked in the room gave this luxurious property a bad name. They say one woman even said she felt a weird pressure on her chest while sleeping as if someone is lying on top of her. Others saw weird shadows appearing on the wall. To sum up, it was enough to give this villa a reputation as the house of the devil.

5. Pan Emirates Tunnel

The tunnel that leads to Airport Road reportedly shows signs of paranormal activities. Moreover, many have witnessed they have felt as if someone is standing beside them. Others say they saw some creepy appearances while passing through it. Is it just a normal dark and spooky passage or something more, you can check by yourselves if you’re brave enough.

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