How Do We Define Luxury Property in Dubai?

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Luxury Property in Dubai

Merriam Webster dictionary defines luxury as a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. When it comes to luxury properties in Dubai we can find various units being marketed as such. However, many UAE residents have faced disappointment while viewing these ‘luxurious’ properties in person. You will rarely see truly high-end properties on real estate portals; they are usually offered through unconventional methods to preserve their values. Luxury property specialists have their own network and clientele to share such properties with.

Aside from being expensive, what makes a property luxurious? AQUA Properties prominent team members shared their definitions of luxury property. Here is what they say:


“True luxury is experiential and understated; it is no longer about displays of wealth to impress. In other words, luxury property is where elegance, convenience and ultimate privacy meet”.
Tatiana Boustany, Marketing Director

…well located

“They are located at the most prestigious postcodes, the most coveted locations and one of the unique designs, such as the Palm Jumeirah, described as the eighth wonder of the world. In comparison to older properties with a prestigious history, luxury property features a design which now cannot be replicated. In addition to breathtaking modern architecture, the luxury property can come in all kind of designs and square feet. Internally the property would boast the best materials, fittings and appliances with a wealth of amenities and distinct qualities. In conclusion, luxury can only be defined by the eye of the beholder”.
Dan McGeachy, Secondary Sales Director


“A luxury property defines success, achievement and the epitome of grace and elegance. To be luxurious is to be a source of envy by others; to set the standard for others to follow and in essence, be all-encompassing”.
Semra Khalid, Associate Director


“Luxury for me in simple word means something that is “T R U E” which is Timeless, Royal, Unique and Exclusive. The luxurious property is not comparable to any other product in the market, it has its own charm, and its value only increases as years pass by. Furthermore, it is a property which adds and gives a sense of royalty to its owners. It is unique in its offering, providing comfort, convenience and living spaces which you can find nowhere else. Above all it is exclusive in the sense it is limited and it is something which you need to really earn for. It is not for everyone, or easily available to everyone”.
Imrann Nawab, Associate Director


“Real luxury property is unobtainable to the large majority of us. It does not react to market conditions and plays by the same rules as other segments or price ranges do. The true luxury property is not subject to tiny incremental negotiations but bought by people who just absolutely have to live there”.
Lewis Knollman, AQUA+ Associate

Regardless of your definition of luxury property, The Selection by AQUA Properties offers lavish elite units for sale in the UAE. Our luxury property specialists will be happy to help you find your dream home. Therefore, if you wish to obtain your own Dubai luxury property, call us on +971 4 518 7555.

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