Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Studio Apartments

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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Studio Apartments

Despite the drop in property prices in the last few years, the UAE real estate market continues to provide some of the highest rental returns in the world. In fact, according to industry analysts, the UAE offers almost double rental yields in comparison to other cosmopolitan cities such as London, Paris and New York. Therefore, it is still very popular among foreign investors.

Less experienced buyers often invest in larger units hoping for higher rental returns. In fact, smaller properties produce better rental yields than larger ones. In other words, when it comes to ROI, apartments are better than villas and studios are a better choice than larger apartments.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from the size, your rental returns will depend on the popularity of the location. New upcoming communities offer higher rental yields in comparison to mature communities.  But, on the other hand, you can expect higher vacancy and lower capital growth potential.

Find Your Ideal Investment

If you are looking for the right off-plan project to invest in, feel free to reach out to us to discuss your options. Our experienced off-plan specialists will be happy to assist you.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a ready property with a higher ROI, you should consider smaller units. Check out our selection of the best studio apartments for sale in Dubai currently available on the market.

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