Why is Dubai Marina Still the Most Popular Community in Dubai?

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Why is Dubai Marina Still the Most Popular Community in Dubai?

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a property in Dubai, you are probably familiar with the stats showing that Dubai Marina apartments are number one in terms of high demand. This freehold waterfront community is holding its solid leading position on the market for years now and its popularity does not seem to fade.

Dubai Marina is the tallest residential community in the world whose skyline is constantly changing due to non-stop construction in the area. To illustrate how fast this community changes, let’s recall Dubai Marina’s Torch Tower which, when built-in 2011, was the tallest residential building in the world, only to lose its title the following year by its neighbouring tower Elite Residence. Today is only the 4th tallest residential tower in Dubai Marina and 5th in the World.

Why is Dubai Marina Still the Most Popular Community in Dubai?

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The Appeal of Living in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most vibrant communities in Dubai, combining urban lifestyle with serene waterfront living. Stunning views of Marina skyline or the sea, upscale skyscraper living surrounded by yachts and long promenade ideal for jogging or strolling, the proximity of the beach, an interesting array of hospitality options and a lively nightlife scene make this community appealing to singles and young families. With its two metro stations and a tram line, residents are well connected with public transport.

Diverse and Ever-Expanding Offer

With towers emerging constantly, the selection of new apartments in Dubai Marina is constantly upgrading. Those looking for residential apartments available for sale in Dubai Marina can choose from a wide array of towers, layouts, interior design and vistas, with amazing facilities and amenities within the buildings themselves. Most popular towers include Princess Tower, Elite Residence and Marina Diamond. One of the newest developments, upscale Marina Gate Tower is also currently in high demand.

Even though it’s globally known for its lavish skyscrapers, many don’t know that you can also find villas for sale in Dubai Marina, ideal for those who prefer low-rise living but wish to enjoy this community’s lifestyle. Furthermore, with Dubai Marina apartments for rent, monthly payments are often an option, making rental process easier for those who wish to have flexible payments.

The Price of Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

When we talk about prices, Dubai Marina is surely not among the most affordable communities. Even though a slight drop in prices has been noticed, the rates are still higher than in most of the other surrounding communities.  You can find a 1-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina for AED 1,15 million up to AED 7-10 million for more opulent units where in comparison to a neighbouring Jumeirah Lakes Towers where the same unit would be priced at AED 900k. Studios come with a decent built-up area and start at a price of AED 800k. Those looking for a 2-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai will choose Dubai Marina only if their budget is higher than AED 1,9 million.

On the other hand, in comparison to the same apartments for sale in Downtown, the second most sought after community in Dubai, where 2-bedroom units are priced at AED 2,7 million, we can say that Dubai Marina offers more affordable luxurious city living.

Price aside, buying property in Dubai Marina, is not only buying a home, but buying an entire lifestyle; and considering its steady popularity, it is an excellent investment for the future.

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