Who is Investing in Dubai and Why?

12 June 2024

Who is Investing in Dubai and Why?

Dubai Real Estate Investors: A Deep Understanding of Market Demographics

In recent years, Dubai has emerged as a top destination for global real estate investors, driven by its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and favorable economic policies such as tax incentives, freehold property laws, and the issuance of long-term visas for investors and their families.

The city's stability and high living standards attract investors from across the world. Among these are Indians, British, Europeans, and Russians. Popular communities such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah continue to attract investors with their upscale amenities and prime locations.

Additionally, rental yields in Dubai often surpass those in major cities like London and New York, providing a steady income stream.


According to CBRE, elevated occupancy rates continue to drive the increase in average rents in Dubai’s office market. In Q2 2023, average rents for Prime, Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C offices grew by 17.2%, 11.0%, 16.4%, and 30.0%, respectively. Additionally, there has been a noticeable shift in demographics.

This shift is due to an increase in the number of younger professionals and families who are attracted to Dubai because of its cosmopolitan lifestyle and career opportunities. As a result, Dubai's real estate market continues to be vibrant and promising for prospective investors.

So, who are The Top Investors in Dubai Real Estate?


According to data released by Khaleej Times, Indian property investors held the top position as the leading buyers of real estate in Dubai in 2023. Many Indian nationals are drawn to Dubai mainly because of the city’s strategic location, favourable investor laws, and high quality of education. In 2023, Indians were the largest group of foreign investors, contributing significantly to the market.

The British

According to Khaleej Times, British investors ranked second in Dubai's real estate market, showing a particular interest in luxury properties and a growing trend of purchasing second homes and vacation properties. Investing in property across various regions can shield against economic downturns specific to the UK market. Dubai's real estate sector is experiencing rapid growth, providing potential for substantial returns.

According to Allsopp & Allsopp Group, Dubai saw 43% of its sales transactions come from British investors in Q1 2024. This trend is driven by the allure of Dubai's Golden Visa program and tax benefits, which differ from those in the UK. Additionally, Dubai has no capital gains tax or property tax, making investments more profitable. The city's high-quality lifestyle and cultural diversity attract a global population, leading to varied and robust property demands.

British investors are particularly interested in upscale areas like Downtown Dubai, known for the iconic Burj Khalifa and luxury apartments; Dubai Marina, offering waterfront living with a vibrant community atmosphere; and Palm Jumeirah, famous for its exclusive villas and beachfront properties.

Age Demographic Analysis


Europeans, mainly from Germany and France, are significant players in Dubai’s real estate market, occupying a substantial portion of the market share. Approximately 30% of buyers in Dubai's real estate market are from Europe. The favourable tax environment, with no income or capital gains taxes, coupled with the promise of high returns on investment, makes Dubai an attractive location for European investors. Popular areas among these investors include Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, known for their luxurious lifestyle and high-end properties.


In recent years, there has been an increase in Chinese investment in Dubai. Chinese nationals are drawn to Dubai for its strategic position as a global business hub and its flourishing tourism economy. Expo 2020 Dubai also played a significant role in boosting Chinese investments, with many seeing the event as an opportunity to capitalize on the city's expanding global reputation.

Middle Eastern

Investors from other GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, also contribute significantly to the Dubai real estate market. These investors are often attracted by the stability and security that Dubai offers, along with the potential for substantial returns. Moreover, cultural and geographical proximity makes Dubai a convenient and attractive investment destination.


Russian buyers are drawn to Dubai due to its luxurious lifestyle, political stability, and economic opportunities. The emirate offers a favourable business environment with minimal sanctions, making it an attractive destination for high-end real estate investments. Key areas such as Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai are particularly popular among Russian buyers, contributing to record-high property sales in the region.

Investor Dynamics in Dubai's Property Market 

While the traditional investor base remains strong, the market is now seeing increasing interest from key markets like the US, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Looking ahead, we anticipate a stronger interest from European investors, with Germans gaining traction. The British presence has always been substantial, and currently, we are witnessing an even greater influx of British investors. In addition, investors from Australia, Singapore, and North Americans from the US and Canada are emerging as key players in Dubai's property market, significantly attracted by Dubai's 0% tax on investments and income tax.” According to Paul Christodoulou, CEO of AQUA Properties, in a recent interview with Khaleej Times.

The Dubai property market is experiencing a dynamic blend of both UAE residents and foreign investors. The city's growing appeal, particularly among Western countries and affluent individuals, is driving a notable shift towards resident investment. Additionally, many foreign investors now reside in Dubai, further contributing to the local investment landscape.

This indicates that Dubai is evolving into an end-user market, with more residents choosing to invest. Recent data reveals that nearly 60% of sales in 2024 were off-plan, highlighting robust investor confidence. 

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