AQUA Properties works with investors directly and alongside, introducing new opportunities to optimise the time, cost and quality of the project through our Development Management services. With quality checks at all stages, AQUA Properties provides the most comprehensive service available in the ever evolving UAE region. By working closely with administrators, financial advisors, accountants, legal advisors, designers and contractors, we take all the pressure away from the client.

With clear and consistent communication, our team of experienced professionals maintains a dynamic and evolving approach by applying best practice, seeking to always maintain optimum performance for the client and the assets. Covering the entire process, from initial concept to handover, including all the steps in between, as well as our tactical and strategic approach to existing developments, is set to achieve the maximum return on investment.


Who We Are

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What do we do

Aqua Project management Team manages 2 lines of business:

  1. All Aqua Real Estate Development Project
  2. 3rd Party Developer Projects

There is 2 ways to explain what do we do:

  1. Project life Cycle Mode
  2. Specialized Services Domains


Life Cycle Mode Explanation

Pre Construction During Construction Post Construction
Feasibility Study NOCs Post Construction
Consultant and Contractor Appointment On-site Management BCC: DCD, DPS, DEWA, Master Developer NOC
Contracts Negotiation & Finalization Client Representaion in All Relevant Authorities RERA Formalities (Unit Survey, Title Deed)
Design Review/Assessments/Optimization Procurement & Specialized Contracts Handover Process Implementation & Snagging
Approvals Follow-up Reporting Handover To OA
Unit Configuration Sakes & Marketing Support Escrow Closure and Retention Release
RERA Affairs RERA Affairs  
Escrow Setup Customer Services & Admin  
Sales & Marketing Support Collection  
Marketing Plan Input Escrow Operations  


Domain Specialization Explanation

RERA Affairs Construction Management Procurement
Developer Registration Finalize & Negotiate All Contracts (Consultant, Contractors) Suppliers Database
Project Registration Design & BOQ Assessments & Sign Off Factory Databse & Preffered Rates
Unit Registration (Survey) Site Management & Supervision Comprehensive Comparative Analysis
Oqood Setup & Admin Weekly Reports Specializes Contracts (CCTV, Pool...)
Escrow Account Setup & Management Stake Holders Management (Contractor, Consultant) Interior Designer Appointment
Title Deed Subcontructors Comparative Analysis & Appointment Specialized Services
Value Engineering
Periodic Serices* Client Representative in All Releveant Authorities  
Quarterly RERA Technical Inspection Quality Checks & Site Inspections  
Yearly RERA Audit Change Management  
Termination/Settlement of Units    
Compliance with RERA Initiatives - Sustainable Community    


Sales Support & Customer Services

Pre-Sale Support Sale Support Post Sale Support
Documentation Documentation Project Updates
Marketing Planning & Support Legal Collections
  On-Site Sales/Marketing Activities Customer Communications
    Accounts/Financial Management


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