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Townhouses for Sale in Dubai

Dubai is a multinational city appealing to expats from around the globe. People of over 200 nationalities call Dubai their home. Therefore, real estate is one of the most important sectors in the emirate. All those people are looking for a home in Dubai. Among families and young couples, townhouses for sale in Dubai are a popular option. Being more affordable than villas in Dubai, townhouses are a prefered choice for many investors as well. Renowned Dubai developers, such as Emaar, Dubai Properties, Damac Properties and others have introduced many interesting projects for townhouses in Dubai. Many more are coming. Dubai government introduced many schemes like Golden Visa to make investing in Dubai more appealing.

In addition to sunny weather all year long, luxurious lifestyle with a rich selection of things to do, Dubai is a haven to live, work and invest in. Even those who were renting a home, are considering to buy a townhouse in Dubai. Off-plan townhouses for sale in Dubai come with attractive payment plans and other benefits. Some ready to move in townhouses in Dubai are offered with payment plans as well. AQUA Properties off-plan team can find the best project when it comes to townhouses for sale in Dubai. If interested in ready properties, you can browse through our selection of the best Dubai townhouses for sale offered on the market. You can learn more about other options of buying a townhouse in Dubai, such as mortgages, on our website or by talking to one of our expert consultants. Popular areas to buy a townhouse in Dubai are Serena, Arabian Ranches, Reem - Mira and Mira Oasis, MBR City, Dubai Creek Harbour and others.

The Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold Property in Dubai

Many first-time buyers as well as foreign investors are confused between leasehold and freehold property ownership in Dubai. Before deciding on any of the townhouses for sale in Dubai, you should understand the difference between those two terms. Before the legal changes implemented in 2002, foreign ownership of Dubai properties was not possible. Following the new law, ex-pats and foreign investors can now buy a home in Dubai. You can buy a freehold or leasehold townhouse in Dubai. Freehold ownership is available in some areas/projects in Dubai. By buying a freehold townhouse for sale in Dubai you obtain full ownership over the property. The owner receives a title deed giving him the right to sell, lease or live in his new home. Freehold ownership is a prefered choice for many investors. Most of the projects launched nowadays are freehold projects.

On the other hand, leasehold ownership gives you the right over the property for a period of up to 99 years. However, the full ownership stays with the freeholders. Upon termination of the leasehold contract, the same can be extended. Keep in mind that all the alternations and work done on the property must be approved by a freehold owner. Emirati nationals can buy without limitations. They can invest in leasehold or freehold townhouses for sale in Dubai. Most popular freehold areas are Serena, Arabian Ranches, Mira, Mira Oasis, Tilal Al Ghaf, The Villa, MBR City, Palm Jumeirah, Townsquare, Meydan and others. Jumeirah for example is a leasehold area, but some of the projects within the community are available for freehold ownership.

Types of Townhouses in Dubai

While many think of Dubai as the home of striking skyscrapers, this emirate features many villas and townhouses. Furthermore, many residents are nowadays shifting from apartments to townhouses in Dubai. They seek to enjoy more space, privacy and open areas. As a more affordable option to villas for sale in Dubai, townhouses are in demand. Townhouses for sale in Dubai set a new standard for quality low-rise living. In most cases, townhouses are multi-storey and connected to some other townhouse. However, in a few cases, they're freestanding - but all belong to the group project of gated communities. Townhouses in Dubai come in different styles, sizes and layouts. The most common styles include Arabic, Mediterranean and contemporary. Residents enjoy a private garden or backyard, or even a swimming pool in some cases.

Dubai townhouses for rent come unfurnished (with some exceptions). Since they cater to families, they come as 2 to 5-bedroom townhouses. Some 1-bedroom townhouses are also available in certain communities. They come with gardens and once in a while private outdoor swimming pools. For tenants' comfort maid's rooms, storage rooms and laundry rooms are available. Investors looking in off-plan townhouses for sale in Dubai prefer projects such as The Valley, Tilal Al Ghaf, Mohammed Bin Rashid City,  Damac Hills, Arabian Ranches and Villanova in Dubailand. Buyers can choose between attached and semi-attached townhouses. Semi-attached townhouses in Dubai are usually set on corner plots of such projects.

Where to Buy Townhouses in Dubai?

There are many great areas to buy a townhouse in Dubai. Serena townhouses are among the most popular options at the moment. With Casa viva being handed over, townhouses for sale in Serena are in higher demand. Dubailand in general, with communities such as Arabian Ranches, Reem - both Mira and Mira Oasis, Mudon, Villanova and The Villa offers an array of ready townhouses in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is a great choice for those looking for beachfront living. MBR City townhouses offer the utmost luxury and convenience.

Townhouse communities in Dubai provide a multitude of amenities. Residents can enjoy gyms, swimming pools, lush parks, recreational areas, clubhouses, retail centres etc. Schools and healthcare facilities are set in some of those communities, or in their proximity. If looking for yourself, it's advisable to visit those areas to get a feel of that community and see if it's the right fit for you. Once you decide on the community, our sales consultants will be happy to assist you with picking the right unit.

The Process of Buying a Townhouse in Dubai

You can check availabilities of ready townhouses for sale in Dubai on or website or opt for an off-plan project. Once you find the unit that you like, your real estate agent will prepare a SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement). Both the buyer and the seller should sign the SPA and the buyer must provide a booking fee (5-15% of the property price). This document's details all points of agreement between both parties, including the purchase date. All real estate transactions in Dubai are under the administration of the Dubai Land Department (DLD). In the case in resale, both parties must sign a Memorandum of Understanding which will be submitted to DLD together with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed by the developer. You must consider other expenses, such as agency fee, transfer fee, bank charges, later on, service charges etc.

For a 1-bedroom townhouse for sale in Dubai covering around 900 sq. ft. to 950 sq. ft. of built-up area, you will need to spend around AED 420k to AED 500k. In the most prominent location with better construction quality, the price will go up to AED 2M. The average cost for a 2-bedroom townhouse in Dubai is around AED 1.1M, for a 3-bedroom townhouse AED 1.5M. On the other hand, 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom townhouses for sale in Dubai range between AED 2M and AED 3M or more. THE highest ROI (return on investment) is registered for townhouses for sale in Dubai land, especially, Arabian Ranches and Damac Hills, as well as in JVC. In those areas, ROI is estimated between 6 and 6,4%.
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Prices vary depending on the location, exclusivity and quality of the project. Nowadays, the average cost for a 2-bedroom townhouse in Dubai is between AED 1.3M to AED 1.6M. In 2020, the same would be between AED 1M to AED 1.3M. The cost of a 3-bedroom townhouse increased to AED 1.6-2.2M from AED 1.3-1.6M the previous year. However, limited supply and greater demand have drastically increased the prices, especially in the last 2 months, where availability has reduced. Due to fewer vacant property options, the prices went up by a solid 20% in most villa and townhouse communities.

Dubai is a city with one of the highest rental yields in the world. As the city that appeals to expats worldwide, renting out your Dubai property is rather easy. You can expect 5-9% rental yields on average, depending on the project and the location. Furthermore, Dubai property prices per square foot are much lower than in other cosmopolitan cities around the globe.

Dubai implemented several laws and regulations lately, making Dubai property investments worthwhile. Investing in properties valued above AED 1 million grants you a 2-year residency visa. Investors with properties above AED 5 million are entitled to a 5-year residency visa. By buying Dubai properties worth over AED 10 million, investors are eligible for a 10-year residency visa.

Above all, Dubai is an ideal city to invest in due to the lack of property taxes.