10 Most Remarkable Skyscrapers in Dubai

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10 most remarkable skyscrapers in dubai

Dubai is a worldwide known for its mesmerising towers. Its impressive developments have largely contributed to its title of a city with highest number of Guinness World Records (over 200).

This is our pick of Dubai’s top 10 iconic towers.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Making a list of Dubai’s most remarkable skyscrapers and not mentioning Burj Khalifa, would be unthinkable. With a height of staggering 830 metres, this impressive structure holds the title of world’s tallest building. Plus, several other records, such as the World’s Highest Restaurant and World’s Highest Elevator installation, to name a few.

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Opened in 1999, this opulent tower is known as the world’s only seven-star hotel. It was designed to resemble the billowing spinnaker sail of a J-class yacht. It features an unparalleled level of service with a private helipad, a staff-to-suite ratio of 8:1, first-class restaurants in addition to other unprecedented amenities and facilities.

3. Cayan Tower

This Dubai Marina’s landmark, once opened in 2013, held the world’s record as the tallest high-rise building with a twist of 90 degrees. Since then, it lost its title but it’s still one of Dubai’s most recognisable skyscrapers, and among most popular properties to rent in Dubai.

4. Dusit Thani

Dusit Thani

Located in Downtown, this 153-metre high hotel was completed in 2001. It was envisioned to resemble two hands held in a prayer (traditional Thai greeting). It was the first hotel in the Gulf countries to hold an EarthCheck Gold Certification for sustainability.

5. JW Marriot Marquis

JW Marriot Marquis

Comprising two towers JW Marriot Marquis’ design draws inspiration from the date palm, UAE national fruit. When built, in 2013 it was the world’s tallest hotel, only to be surpassed by Dubai’s Gevora hotel by only 1 metre.

6. Gevora Hotel

Dubai Frame

The 365-metre tall Gevora Hotel currently holds the title of world’s tallest hotel. The façade features a simple design enriched with gold-coloured elements. Pyramidal crown extension at the top gives it its recognisable look. 

7. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

This iconic structure completed in 2018, is the latest Dubai’s cultural landmark. Designed as the world’s largest picture frame, physically and metaphorically connects old and new Dubai. This 150-metre tall structure is an ideal place to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the city.

8. Almas


Almas Tower held the title of the city’s tallest tower for a few months when first built. Its name signifies diamond in Arabic, and it was built to become one of the top 5 diamond trading locations on the planet. The base of the tower consists of the three-storey podium in a form of eight interlocking triangles, inspired by a diamond cut. The triangles are visible from all sides of the building, reflecting the surrounding water onto the facade.

9. Maze Tower

Dubai’s mixed-use Maze Tower holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest vertical maze. The facade of this 55-storey building features an intriguing design of shaded balconies made to resemble an intricate maze. The maze theme stretches to the rooftop with a maze-inspired garden.

10. Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Set in Dubai’s Financial Centre, this two-tower structure features a 54-storey office tower and 56-storey hotel connected by a retail boulevard. Completed in 2000, it one of the city’s most recognisable towers.

Dubai’s skyline is constantly changing. New upcoming towers, such as The Tower and Dubai’s Museum of Future, will surely enhance the city’s panorama. Dubai’s developers will undoubtedly go above and beyond to surpass themselves with others yet unveiled projects. It remains to see how much Dubai’s skyline will change in the following years.

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